Is your roof leaking?

Atlanta RoofMasters takes the worry out of roof repair. We quickly identify the source of your leak and have it repaired for you right away — often in the same day. Our goal is for your roof restoration project to be as smooth and painless for you as possible, and for the repair to last as long as your roof.

Your roof leak is most likely caused by:

  • Improper roofing system or component installation
  • Missing shingles after a storm
  • Problems with flashing at chimneys, skylights or other penetrations
  • Aging materials that need replacement
  • Branches falling on the roof
  • Nails backing out and allowing water to penetrate

Assessing your leak

Roberto will come inspect your roof and your unique situation — he will not leave your property until he knows where the leak is coming from. Water runs along the edges of surfaces before dripping down, making it difficult to pinpoint the place of entry sometimes. On the off-chance Roberto cannot determine the exact source of the leak by inspecting the stains, attic and any damage, he will request that you cover, move or otherwise protect any items that could be damaged by leak. Then he’ll then come back on the next rainy day to see the leak in progress. There is no charge for either the initial or return visit.

Please see Getting Started for an overview of the Atlanta RoofMasters process.

Fixing your leak

Atlanta RoofMasters understands all roofing materials, regardless of the age of your roof. Furthermore, we guarantee that we will provide the correct diagnosis so we can extend the life of your roof, show you before and after photos of your leak and its repair, and — on the very remote chance that the same area leaks again — we will come back to do any additional work on the same leak at no charge.

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