Your roof protects your home and everything in it

Getting a new roof is a big decision. You’re going to have it for 15 or 20 years, or even longer. It not only keeps your safe and your belongings dry, it’s an investment that is part of your home’s value. A good roof is a good investment for many reasons.

Always remove the old shingles

This is better than roofing over existing shingles. It’s critical to see what’s underneath so we can fix any existing problems and prevent small issues from becoming larger ones.

Always ventilate

To extend the life of your shingles, you must have adequate roof ventilation. Square vents consist of making 1 x 1 inch square holes where needed, then placing flashing over the square ventilations — proper installation is critical to prevent leaks. Over the holes and make sure the related flashing (metal sheeting) is installed correctly. Another and often preferable option is to create a ridge vent. A ridge vent is a 1-1.5 inch “slice” along the length of the roof, again, installing the flashing over it correctly.

Always replace the flashing

Flashing is the metal sheeting around chimneys and other penetrations during installation of your new roof to prevent leaks. If the pipes used for venting heat, water exhaust (from kitchen and bathroom fans) and other purposes are in good shape, we’ll just replace the flashing. Otherwise, we’ll replace the pipes themselves. We’ll show you photos and discuss a plan of action with you and get your approval before replacing any pipes. We will also paint all pipes the color of your new roof so they practically disappear.

Experience and attention to detail matters when investing in a new roof

The company you choose should have years of experience working on roofs like yours, use only proven materials from established manufacturers, provide excellent warranties, be fastidious with every detail of your project including flashing and roof deck repairs, and back up its work unconditionally for 15 years.

And do all this at a very fair price and courteous personal service!

We also think it’s important that the company you work with keeps you fully informed of its process from start to finish before you choose to work with them.

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